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"The industry would be such a better place if we all learned to support one another. Let’s make these changes together."

Mimi Malaz Bashir

Artistic Director, Chair & Founder

Joy Waldron-91.jpg

"There is a serious problem in our industry - there isn't enough love. It's wonderful to be working with a company that prioritises supporting each other, whoever we are or wherever we come from."

Joy Waldron 

Trustee & Producer

"Helping people in the industry reach their full potential without being discriminated or judged is part of Bashir Productions work and I am very proud to be in this company."

Sophie Wichmann

Head of Administration

"Bashir Productions is about breaking the mould that the arts industry has been stuck in for far too long. I'm proud to be working with a company which believes in true representation of everyone and through the arts we can increase acceptance and cultural diversity as a result of creative collaboration." 

Shira Kaliski
PR & Marketing Manager

"I'm proud that my daughter Mimi Malaz Bashir has the initiative to create a home for all creatives and give a platform for those that need it. It is a privilege to be a trustee of such a good cause as Bashir Productions."

Bashir Ahmed



Crispin Harris 
Head Director 

 "I have always been focused on encouraging people to reach their potential. It is refreshing to work with a company that allows them to do that."

"Bashir Productions is doing great work in the arts industry. I'm so excited to be involved in a company that believes everyone should be given equal opportunities to express themselves creatively, regardless of gender, race or social class."

Autumn St. John

Strategic Researcher 


"It's a pleasure to be welcomed aboard with Bashir Productions, 

when theatres are struggling, 

we get to be part of the solution in creating greater diversity in the industry and more creative projects to be showcased. 

It has never been a more crucial time for this platform"

Michael Speller

Senior Researcher  

"I'm delighted to be a trustee of Bashir Productions. I believe that our work will support up and coming talent to promote themselves and get experience in their dream profession."

Patryk Konrad Mizinski



 “I am really inspired by the work that Bashir Productions do. They open opportunities for people who may not get them and I am more than excited to be involved in that."

Andrea Lungay 



"Bashir Productions offers a window into an otherwise distant dream for people of widely different skills" 

Yousef Abu Ghazaleh



"I am delighted to be a part of the artistic community that Bashir Productions has created and keeps creating. It's a truly welcoming and supportive environment, a safe place where artists from all kinds of backgrounds get the opportunity to create amazing work together

Lisa Friedrich

In-House Theatre Director 

To contact any of our staff or to make a complaint please email 

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