Left Behind

written by Mimi Malaz Bashir and Richard Kinnaird

The lives of two women who have been abandoned and forgotten in a mental asylum.

The two only characters in the play are polar opposites. Girl 1 is playful & imaginative; Girl 2 is more mentally grounded. A very dramatic piece that has some light-hearted moments throughout the journeys of the characters.

Cast: Mimi Malaz Bashir and Hanna Wulkan

Director: Alexander Arthur

National Theatre Studios (SE1 8LL)
03/11 at 3 pm - 5 pm

part of the Next Up Talent Showcase

Tickets: £20

Note: 'Left Behind' was also performed on 21-22/08 at The Water Rats directed by Fay Lomas, with Mimi Malaz Bashir and Hanna Wulkan.

Also on 14/06/17 directed by Richard Kinnaird, with Mimi Malaz Bashir and Nadia Murgia at the Arthur Cotterell Theatre. And on 19/04/17 directed by Stephanie Francis with Mimi Malaz Bashir and Maddie Stavrinou at the Arthur Cotterell Theatre under the title 'Me & You'. 


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