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'Horror Horror' at The Etcetera Theatre (28/10/18)


"The show promised to be a mix of songs, poetry, comedy and drama and it delivered, from ghosts to witches and everything inbetween it was entertaining throughout – but then, this is Bashir Productions so i’m not surprised."

"In Short from Edges (Song ) by Ben Pasek & Justin Paul. Performed by Beatrice Mori... her fantastic facial expressions had myself and most of the audience in stitches  Very entertaining."

"Oh God, Remember Me written by Joy Waldron & performed by Bridget Benstead – This was probably the scariest piece for me, by far! I actually felt a chill... Performed with so much conviction that I had to remind myself that it is not real, as I was truly starting to feel scared. Great writing and amazing performance – wow!"

"Mother, I’m a Werewolf! written by Joy Waldron & performed by Tori Lau and Emma True – This was another well written piece, I would have loved it to go on longer to be honest (a full length play, maybe)... This was the final piece in the show and they ended on a high, leaving myself and i’m sure the rest of the audience wanting more.

"Bashir productions certainly know how to curate an amazing scratch night... I can’t wait to see what this exciting company are going to come up with next!"

Read the full review here

'The Falconsbridge School for Girls' at The Lion and Unicorn  (20-21/08 Camden Fringe 2018)

Press Coverage

The show was included in two highlights lists

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 15.49.44.png

"Camden Fringe Festival 2018, the 13th edition, takes place from 30 July - 26 August, with themes of #MeToo, LGBTQ, and mental health taking the forefront, reflecting what has been a groundbreaking year of social and political change for the UK. We've decided to take a look at some of the most exciting picks of this week (16/09 - 22/09)  at the fringe."

See the list here


"As a feminist myself, I am very pleased to hear that there is a lot of female content programmed into this festival, with female issues dominating the news agenda this year, including the #MeToo campaign, the Irish Abortion referendum and alongside the anniversary of the Suffragette’s movement it couldn’t be more fitting."

See the list here

An Interview

with Mimi Malaz Bashir and Joy Waldron

Two Lasses.png

"We caught up with Joy & Mimi from Bashir Productions about their latest show, The Falconbridge School for Girls."

Read the interview here.

'Rendez-Vous' at The Etcetera Theatre (28/06/2018)


"The audience and I were treated to a lovely mix of Songs, Monologues, Scenes, Comedy and Spoken Word."

"Searching for Love (Spoken Word) written and performed by Dior Clarke – I was absolutely blown away by this performance... I didn’t want this one to end, it was just brilliant!"

"Happy Anniversary (Short Play) written by Vivian C. Lermond – Performed by Robin Blell and Natasha Edwards. – Another laugh out loud scene... taking us on a rollercoaster ride – Amazing acting too. Loved it and wished it were longer "

"Failure (Monologue) written & performed by Mimi Malaz Bashir – Really emotional piece about a drama student’s dream being crushed. This piece had me in tears as the story unfolded, I couldn’t help but feel the pain that was being portrayed, real tear-jerker. Great acting!"

"all the pieces were good, it was lovely to see a mix of male and female actors of all nationalities come together to produce an amazing night of entertainment."

Read the full review here

'Here She Is' at Theatre Peckham (31/05/2018)

Two Lasses.png

"The primairily female cast and crew was a sharp and sweet subversion of the typical gender imbalance in the theatre industry"


"The cast and audience was also refreshingly diverse, a factor which brought a sense of real London community to the show" 


"Perhaps the best way to describe it would be to call it a mirror; reflecting how Londoners see London; those who have been born and raised in these communities, with real experience of the hardships brought on by processes of gentrification and inadequate distributions of government funding. But also those people who have banded together in support of each other, their business, enterprise and art in outright view of oppositions. Here, we saw Women support Women, and it was glorious."


"Chair of Bashir Producations, Mimi Malaz Bashir led the event with an outstanding degree of professionalism, balancing performing and managing with ease. Every detail of the event was thought through, which just made the evening so enjoyable."

Read the full review here

'Left Behind' at The Water Rats (21-22/08 Camden Fringe 2017)

"Bashir and co-star Hanna Wulkan both had moments of extremely intense emotion on show whilst telling the other about their back stories. They both succeeded in supplying the audience with enough information about their character types through their body language too - Bashir through some open confidence and sass, whilst Wulkan with an extremely tense physique and highly awkward dancing."


"It has the potential to be as thrilling a character study as Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf combined with a slight Doctor Who-esque mystery."

"The premise of LEFT BEHIND is both intriguing and strong, and there’s a nice couple of plot twists which drop in totally unexpectedly."

"A favourite scene was the 'find a boyfriend’ game, where both performers let their comic timing and character diversities shine."                     

What the audience thought

(comments submitted through

"What a fantastic evening we had watching this performance! The actors performed phenomenally. They took on the roles even before the show had officially started, conveying the characters personas and emotions throughout. The story itself had many twists and turns which kept us engaged. A very well written play." ★★★★★ 


"I thoroughly enjoyed this play. It made me laugh out loud and cry - in the 60 mins it was on I think I felt every emotion and walked out feeling throughly entertained." ★★★★★ 


"Emotionally moving stories with a twist." ★★★★★ 


"A well acted, far fetched scenario - the two actresses were very good. The initial couple of minutes was a little rushed but once they settled down it was entertaining and very amusing in places. I enjoyed it." ★★★★ 


"A emotive topic well presented." ★★★★ 


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