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Delighted to announce our chosen pieces and who will be directing them!

Directed by Katie Turner CV

The Coconut Diaries by Stella Ajayi CV

Free by Arghierenia Kyrimi CV

Directed by Catherine Lord CV

My Tempest by Catherine Lord CV

Directed by Natasha Kathi-Chandra CV

Cleaning House by Danielle Wager CV               

Night Out by James Humphreys CV

For Art's Sake by Christine Foster CV

Directed by Michelle Sullivan

Left Behind by Mimi Malaz Bashir

Directed by Lisa Friedrich CV

Feelin' the Love by Vivian C. Lermond  CV

Monument by Clare Woodward

Directed by Arghierenia Kyrimi

The Number 52 by Edie Newman CV

Stella Ajayi & Edie Newman

Lisa Friedrich & Michelle Sullivan

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