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28th June at Etcetera Theatre

Rendez-vous is a scratch night organised by Bashir Productions, a theatre company and registered charity. The night promises to entertain you with a variety of original acts including monologues, scenes, spoken word poetry, and comedy.


So come for a night full of talent and fun. After the show, come and join us at the pub to speak to the talent involved and share your feedback!


The scratch night has been directed by Mimi Malaz Bashir

28/06 at 9 PM to 10.30 PM

Tickets: £10 

Venue: Etcetera Theatre, NW1 7BU

Line Up

Instant Human (short play)     

Written by Lennon Taggart 

Cast: Arghierenia Kyrimi & Joseph Prestwich     

Searching for Love (spoken word)             

Written & performed by Dior Clarke        

Left Behind (monologue)          

Written by Mimi Malaz Bashir | Performed by Elisa Norman        

Tingle to Touch (original song)    

Written & performed by Shira Kaliski

33 May 2018 (spoken word)

Written & performed by Helen Percival                                   

Mum’s Cooking (monologue)   

Written by Vivian C. Lermond | Performed by Ellie Gill         

Constant (poem)                    

Written & performed by Ugo Nelson          

Lady Amelia (monologue)   

Written by Mimi Malaz Bashir | Performed by Julia Bentley               

Marmite Out of the Jar (original song) 

Written & performed by Shira Kaliski

Happy Anniversary (short play)      

Written by Vivian C. Lermond

Cast: Robin Blell & Natasha Edwards 

Other Girls (monologue)                            

Written by Arghierenia Kyrimi | Performed by Joy Waldron

What must I do? (monologue)

Written & performed by Anthony Tayo

Grossly in love (spoken word)                           

Written & performed by Hannah Hughs

Failure (monologue)                 

Written & performed by Mimi Malaz Bashir   

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