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Women of Sanctuary

written by Mimi Malaz Bashir 

Bashir Productions is currently working on Mimi Malaz Bashir's play 'Women of Sanctuary'. 


This dramatic comedy ensemble piece, explores the experiences of nine women and the relationships they form in a women’s shelter in Surrey in 2014.


Having escaped varying forms of domestic violence, the women of the shelter attempt to forge new leases on life, but still grapple with the habits and personal demons that brought them to their situation.


Meanwhile, the support workers walk the thin line of guidance, counsel and discipline, but those lines blur when an overzealous worker begins to expel women from the refuge for reasons that aren’t entirely professional. After facing the distress of fleeing their old life, the women will still have to experience pain, loss and tragedy on their paths to redemption and independence.


Throughout it all they will come to understand that joy, happiness and strength can be found in the unlikeliest of places and that for some of them, the darkest periods of their lives may become the doorway to their happiest.


Director: Fay Lomas

Photos from the reading of 'Women of Sanctuary'

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