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Creative Movement Day ®

Creative Movement Day is an initiative created by Mimi Malaz Bashir, founder and Artistic Director of Bashir Productions.


Bashir Productions, a theatre company and registered charity, is proud to bring to you the first celebration of Creative Movement Day, a day aiming to give a voice to groups currently underrepresented in the performing arts industries.


Mimi Malaz Bashir states "I want this to be a day that people from all over the country and the world can participate in and address the issues of equality and diversity in the performing arts, through a peaceful and creative demonstration. If you cannot attend our event in London, please feel free to do your own peaceful demonstrations and use the hashtags #CreativeMovementDay #BashirProductions and tag @BashirTheatre on twitter. To connect with us and share the love."


This event aims to connect artists and creatives and give a chance to them to promote their work, but most importantly to raise awareness about the lack of representation in the performing arts industries and to promote equal opportunities and diversity for both artists and audiences.


It is part of Bashir Productions mission to support and promote artists from minority groups, including BAME, female and working class artists. They believe that the diverse audiences of London and the UK deserve their stories heard and told by people who understand them and represent them. This cannot happen without enough opportunities for artists and creatives from those backgrounds to create and tell these stories.

Sophie Wichmann states "I am so pleased to be involved in Creative Movement Day. It is a fantastic opportunity for us all to reunite and stand together".


Autumn St John states "I'm really pleased and excited to be a part of the first ever Creative Movement Day. It'll be an important day as it will give a voice and visibility to groups currently underrepresented in the media and arts."


Arghierenia Kyrimi states "The diverse audiences of the UK and the rest of the world deserve to have their stories told by an equally diverse performing arts industry. That's what Creative Movement Day is about; raising awareness about underrepresentation and promoting a fairer industry."

Joy Waldron states "Creative Movement Day is an opportunity for us all to come together in support of each other and stand up against inequality in the arts. I hope as many people as possible choose to come along and stand with us."


Since its formation in 2016, and especially since it became a registered charity in early 2018, Bashir Productions have been working hard and taken many actions to showcase and promote all this incredible talent often overlooked.  They hope to make more and more people aware of the fact that there is a huge diversity of extremely talented artists out there and that the only thing this talent might lack is connections and opportunities.

Creative Movement Day will be held on 21st July 2018 and will run from 12pm to 3pm, at Trafalgar Square. Everyone is most welcome to attend and show their support and Bashir Productions especially encourages artists and creatives who identify as a member of a minority group to attend – this is a chance to be heard and to connect with other talented and likeminded people. Actors, directors, writers, singers, dancers, producers and many more creatives are going to attend and show their support as well as their expectations for a more diverse and fair industry.


Bashir Productions latest action has been a female-led showcase aiming to give an opportunity to female actors, writers, directors and stage managers to create amazing work and showcase their talent in a production titled Here She Is at Theatre Peckham on May 31st 2018. There are many more similar projects in the planning and the wonderful people at Bashir Productions work really hard to ensure that the abundance of extraordinary talent from diverse backgrounds no longer goes unnoticed.  


The work Bashir Productions does is incredibly progressive and their supporters include Next Up Talent and Theatre Peckham.


So come and be a part of a wonderful day celebrating diversity, fairness, equal opportunities and extraordinary talent. Keep an eye on Bashir Productions’ social media pages for more information and the latest updates on this event.


Bashir Productions also encourages attendees to bring banners and placards – strictly of no offensive nature – displaying statistics and other evidence that prove how real the problem of underrepresentation are, as well as messages that celebrate change and diversity. This way, everyone will know what a wonderful change Creative Movement Day is trying to bring about. This is an extremely important event, a day for people to stand together and make some long overdue changes.


So share this event with your family and friends and follow Bashir Productions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more news and updates.

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